What a great time for photography!
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 05:47PM

As we move rapidly through this digital photographic age, it is worth taking a step back to see where it all came from.  In my work, I have often tried to replicate historic processes using modern techniques. I think there is an emotional connection we have to these old processes and it's worth using this for new content. There are advantages to replicating historic processes with new methods. First, I can eliminate some bad and hazardous chemicals that were used in many old processes. Second, by using a new modern method, you often get some extras in the processing.  For example, in my modern orotone process, I can use color photographs whereas Curtis and followers could only print in black and white.

The possibilites for combining and recreating older photographic techniques is endless.  I have a fully equipped studio with several printers, a UV light source and vacuum press, drying room and all sorts of fun materials to experiment with.  Come join me in the new photographic exploration!

"Canal in Winter, Strasbourg", Toned Van Dyke print on WC paper. ©2012 Patty Mulligan

This is a cool process I'm really excited about.  Rather than do post-process toning, I print the toner first on watercolor paper using my 3800 inkjet printer.  Then, I coated the image with Van Dyke brown emulsion, positioned a digital negative and exposed it to UV light.  I got the cool colors undereath a lovely Van Dyke brown print. Lots of possibilities with this.


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